Message of the week: Letting go of expectations + free powerful meditation

February 14, 2020

Have you set yourself some goals lately,  and you just cant wait to be at the "final destination"? Perhaps you want to see that project or job done, a house or to know if that person you love will stay with you, or whatever you are expecting to happen, this is the lesson of the week: let go of wanting everything to be certain.


The need to have all figured out just makes us feel anxious, frustrated and stressed, and we can have a really hard time. But when you feel this way, we can remind ourselves to actually enjoy the journey, or in other words, to enjoy life as a process. If at the moment you are not enjoying your life, then it is time to observe yourself, and ask: what is at the “final destination” that is so important for you to have/become? For example, Maria desperately wanted to have a well paid job because having such thing for her meant to be "successful", and this caused her a lot of stress and anxiety to a point she was completely blocked to go further. So we looked at the need behind the relationship money-success. It turned out that the idea of money-success seemed to give her social acceptance. So what she was actually looking for was to be accepted and not for a well paid job. In sum, all that stress didn't allow her to see her opportunities and that she was already sucessful in so many other ways. 


If you think you have an expectation that is causing you anxiety, sadness or frustration, and you want t actually enjoy the process, then you can start by accepting in this moment, that you are expecting something. Let’s do a short but powerful visualization for this:


Visualization: (*the meditation is only available on pc / computer not on smartphone)


How do you feel? What did you see in the path? animals? colors? Share it with me on an email, these have powerful meanings and messages in your life. Red flowers can be a suggestion to work on self-love or a bird flying, the search for freedom.


How to deal with expectations,


Think about how people enjoy life; they laugh, they smile, they enjoy as much as possible, a meeting, food, the weather, etc. You don't see them suffering when something goes unplanned. The need of certainty or expectation can hinder very much this possibility for anyone.


Would life be different if you ask yourself: How would you behave if you are not afraid of the future? Would you act in the same way you do now or would you relax? How does that feel? There is no need to worry about the future because we can chose to flow in happiness. Your old way of thinking can say it is not so easy as it is said, but you can try by responding to some questions. For example, using “why is this happening?”, is the worst question, because It places you in the victim position. You can change the perspective like in the meditation to: 


“why am I not enjoying  this process?”


For example “I want to know when will I find love” then the question can be … “Is there enough love in my life to be able to enjoy this moment?” In the first question you are containing the future. In the second one, it is all for the betterment of yourself. Are you enjoying the journey or not? If you are afraid of flowing, or trusting then you have too much energy contained about the future in your head,


what if you only relax and have some fun? It is all about transforming the perspective. If you are a in a transformation process and you are focused on the goal, then you won’t be happy until you get the goal, until you don’t get it, would you still not enjoy?


Tips to let go of expectations and practices for the week,


1.Inspiration in life and in work


No matter in which situation or place you are now, the one who brings the inspiration is only You! Focus in your creativity and ask yourself, How can you have more fun in your work or in your life? At work, work on the parts that you like the most and that has to do with your true nature: being your own authentic self and by doing this, you raise your energy, the energy of joy. Make it fun, balanced and creative.


2.Hidden goodies


Although you might be living or going through some difficulties, everything is connected! This is a moment to get inspiration to take the good stuff out of it, because a transformation is coming for you! an unexpected joy! a hidden joy behind all this. Have you felt like doing something in pro of fun and joy? To start working out? take a gardening or dance course, a training that helps you relax and let go? or what about a trip?


3.Listen to your intuition


Listen to your feelings, to your body, get aligned with your mind and body again!, if you want to sleep, go to sleep, if you feel like doing nothing and just rest, do it! If you feel like having time for your self. Listen to your inner wisdom, give joy  a chance by listening and fulfilling your own needs.


4.There are many answers and they are right at your doorstep..


Although you might have expectations, remember, do not wish for the future when you are learning something in the present, because the present is training you for a far beyond imaginable future.


Enjoy the journey, 







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