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May 3, 2018


 Welcome, this workshop is a powerful experience of inner peace and grounding connection; a balanced combination of theory and practice of ancient and current knowledge, inner wisdom and healing techniques for human transformation that will help you position yourself in a higher perspective to observe from above that limiting side of you, and gently allow yourself to give that leap of faith you have been waiting for so long. On the other side joy, freedom and peace await you.


What you get from this workshop:


The main objective is to transcend/overcome that what is limiting you or holding you back the most. (Most commonly: fear, shame, distrust, insecurity).


We do this by:

  • Empower you and see with your own eyes the strength and wisdom within you.

  • Understand the process of the human experience in transcending limitations: express, experience, integrate and transcend.

  • Identify and let go from old patterns, unrecognized emotions or self-destructive beliefs in a holistic approach 

  • Understand the role that the mind, the heart, the soul and the body play in how we create our reality.

  • Understand and use the meaning of energy and chakras applied in our habitual life.

  • Practice and perform powerful techniques to heal and balance those limitations of your choice, and learn how to do it yourself in other areas of your life.

  • Learn how to listen to your intuition and connect with your inner wisdom

  • Learn how to trust, in yourself and your intuition.




The workshop is divided in 3 main parts, the seed, the sprout, the blossom, a metaphor for the human growth in consciousness or ascension, as mentioned earlier every section is a balanced combination of theory and practice.


1. The origins; the seed.


The human multidimensions, reality & conciousness awakening.

Human experience – frequency, energy and matter | Practice - Energy

Mental patterns, emotions and the physical body (dimensions of the self)

Society and paradigms

Evolution: Express, experience, integrity, transcendence

Light and darkness


2. The sprout.


Energy, practices and lessons behind energy centers


The first 3 chakras: The roots, the sacred, the power

The roots: The masculine energy, the father – heal the ancestor’s line - trust | fear 

The sacred: The feminine energy, the mother – emotions - shame | knowledge

The power:  The intelect 


3. The blossom: the heart


The heart - the wisdom

Holistic lifestyle practices to continue

Connect with your higher self



This experience is for adults and young adults that experience a limiting situation and want to break off that negative cycle. You might don't know what it is, and therefore we intend to give some light to that shadow. Or on the other hand, you do already know, and this workshop help you catalyse it. Both cases share the same intention: transcend.


We use diverse techniques such as energy healing, intuition, working with Theta frequencies, meditations, transcendental meditations, akashik records and more

This powerful workshop intends to follow the purpose of Holistic Self, to be the bridge among generations with a message of freedom and truth.



Details and investment


Saturday 2 of June 2018,

Time 9:30  to 15:00

Course language: English

Location: Dorpsstraat 1D 5941EW 

Lunch break – Vegetarian  (+10 eu)

60 eu. 


Get 5% discount if you complete your registration before Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Bring a friend, lover or partner and get additionally a 5% discount.




Please register by writing an email to or call/app +31 683066991 with your contact information:


Full name: 

Age and gender:

Phone number and email:


Answering the following questions:


A) What is your motivation for taking this workshop?

B) What would you like to work with in this workshop?

C) What do you expect from this workshop?

D) Are you diagnosed with any physical, mental, or psycological deseases (depression, bipolarity)?

E) How did you find out about this workshop?


Please send 50% of your investment to conclude your registration to the account number you will receive after your registration email.


Read some reviews here:


"De [...] workshop Holistic Self met Erika Hernando was een erg leerzame en positieve ervaring. Het gaf inzicht in een wonderbaarlijke wereld en de kracht van gedachtes, iets wat Erika op een verhelderende manier weet uit te leggen. Daarnaast geeft ze ook bruikbare handvatten om nodige veranderingen zelf door te voeren. Het heeft me nu al bijzondere inzichten en resultaten gegeven, waarvoor ik Erika dan ook erg dankbaar ben." - Heleen


"It is amazing to see that we can heal our lives if we only take the decision to make a change.Thank you Erika Hernando for guiding me in this wonderful journey of self-discovery healing." Alma


About the facilitator:


Erika Hernando is a master in science expert in transformative experiences, from

Wageningen University. Her research is specialized in female solo travel and its efects in the transformation of human perception. Born in Mexico and lived in Spain, Panama, Austria and now living in the Netherlands, she iniciated her personal development carreer at a very young age practicing already at 13 years old, Neurolingüistic Programming, and celular memory, she continued her healing path in several parts of the world using family constellations, reiky, yoga, mindfulness, frequency wave healing, intuitive intelligence and Ayurveda. Currently, she is a workshop facilitator and transformative coach. She studies Akashic Records and practices Sacred Master Plants healing. (read more in about section)





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