The eye of the heart: notes of awakening

March 20, 2020

It all started last Monday, it has been a week since I developed an infection in my throat and I decided not to take medication. I wanted to heal everything naturaly, all by myself. During the week I shared my affirmations and my healing rituals in my social network, but this morning I tell you my experience, it was magical.


I woke up at 3am without knowing it, I woke up by an unstoppable cough, unable to speak and with a lot of pain, I could not sleep anymore. I went to the restroom, I came back coughing non-stop. I sat down at the side of the bed and I hugged myself, I caressed my arm and ran my fingers through my hair, as my parents did when I was sick as a child. I gave myself affection in a difficult time, and asked, "What can I learn from this disease?" Then I thought, well, since I am awake already I will do my energy healing practices for this annoying feeling in my throat.


The practice


For this healing practice I used a mix of Theta healing, Pranayama, Reiki and Taoist organ sound. I sat down and began to connect with the center of Pachamama and Pachacamaq (the universe, the ALL), I requested its healing energy. I visualized its healing light going through my energy centers or chakras. I put my hands on the throat Chakra and I started doing the breath of fire (that allows to create energy through voluntary movement of my belly). At the same time, with my mind's eye, I distributed this energy through my meridians towards my throat, visualizing the turquoise color characteristic of this Chakra. All this while repeating "I have the right to express myself, I speak with love, release the trapped anger and expressed the truth". After repeating it ferviently several times it was natural for me to do the Taoist organ sounds. With one hand on my lungs and the other on my throat, I imagined myself inside them and observing the darkest places with this light I illuminated the dark areas with a white light as I exhaled softly a "tsssss" sound taking out that darkness contained in my lungs and throat and I inhaled filling those dark holes with Light.




Message 1: put yourself in the shoes of the other


Then, feeling better by this practice and in a focused state, a memory came to my mind; the conflict I had with my loved ones where we said very hurtful things. The interesting thing was that in this memory, it clearly appeared or prevailed my stubborness and control over them, namely in what they should do "for their own good" according to my own beliefs and not to theirs. It was then that inside that memory I was looking at everything from afar, as a third person. I put my hand on the shoulder of myself in that exact discussion-memory and I said to me: "all this discussion was useful to heal, understand and put ourselves in the shoes of the other" I would have never known what they felt if this discussion never happened. So it is ok. I just have to learn that the next time I can handle my energies / emotions in a better way without having to create my illness and I also have to put myself in the footsteps of others.




Message 2: self-deception and acceptance


Upon receiving this message I thanked and began my transformational meditation. First I created a sphere of light around me. Feeling protected there, I relaxed my body and my mind and I let myself go deep inside myself. I traveled to the depths of my being and came infront of my DNA, there I came closer to a crystal castle, I saw the guardian who opened the door for me, I entered, and walked to the highest tower and went in a completely empty white room and sat in the only chair there was. There a thin woman with pale gray skin and dark, long hair covering her face appeared right infront of me. I recognized her, she had already been in my previous nightmares, then panic and fear reigned. The white room became dark and filled with uncontrolled negative feelings; a nightmare without being asleep. Within that panic, it was that moment when I saw myself reflected, "OMG" that woman was myself!! she was my own darkness (manipulation, selfishness, anger, fear) and I was light in front of her. I saw the light coming out of my body, I touched my dark self on the chest to light her up, failing, it, she only returned into darkness. I just wanted to get out of there; escape. I opened my eyes for a second, knowing I was safe there on the bed where I was, I closed them again and returned to that terrifying scene and I told to myself "I am always safe, I have absolute confidence, I trust in the plan". While  the room became brighter, I received this message:


What is that you don't want to see? Don't deceive yourself, don't try to escape or deny that darkness, that part of you is dark, it exists in you and manifests when you are not alert, when you are not awake.


Message 3: Balance


Then, with great courage I embraced my darkness represented by myself as a skinny pale woman, by accepting fear and rejection, and by giving love and acceptance the entire room began to swing in a dance of light and darkness, in perfect balance light taking leadership, I felt from the bottom of my soul:


"to balance you have to be awake: observe, not only observe and reflect with the mind, also with the eyes of the heart".


There in that dance, I started to peel the layers of this dark version of myself and as I peel I can see the light shining from my true being. Thank you thank you thank you! Message received


After a couple days I have totally recovered. This is the energetic healing and ofcourse I had some vitamins. 







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The eye of the heart: notes of awakening

March 20, 2020

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