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February 9, 2018


Through our daily life we tend to live in an “automatic” mode. We get distracted with our mundane experiences, we sometimes feel frustrated, depressed, physically ill, tired and low in energy. When you feel like this remember that you are still moving forward in your training. These experiences are only letting you know that you need to come back to yourself.


We are pushed to stop, to become silent and to stay "in bed"; when we are pushed by all these conflicting experiences we must remember that this is not a fall-back, they actually indicate that it is time to recover. A time to recover yourself not from all these experiences but to recover yourself; to go back to yourself. That is the precise moment when we need time to be silent and take time to nurture ourselves. Then we come back into the light where we feel better, but in order to achieve that we need to make the space and time to nurture ourselves. All those experiences have the main reason to push us to prioritize and create a space of silence and connection. Therefore whatever comes to your life, you are connected with the light and there, you are connected with your own strength.


We cannot be disconnected from our center for too long. Being connected, being in our center is being and living in the center of love. If we are out of our center we need some experiences to bring us back to it and that is what we call “incidents”. This is when the universe is telling us to “come back to ourselves”.  It invites us to reflect on what are we feeding ourselves with that is not our true nature, there is no stronger force than what we nurture ourselves with. It’s a time to discover what are we feeding ourselves with. Eat some bites of silence and let the silence guide you. If you are feeding yourself with doubt, insecurity, then you are not feeding trust, abundance and perfection.


How can we recover ourselves?


Being in silence is a practice that is delicious, invigorating and energetic! You can sit down in a comfortable space, no sounds, no worries, just feeling and being yourself. Being in silence is not only to be quiet, it is to be centered, to make a space for yourself and allow that space to be filled with love, strength and courage by a higher intelligence. This intelligence is guiding you and helps you center yourself. We can do it for a couple of minutes as often as you like, the more the better. In time you will discover thoughts and emotions that you need to clean and set free.


Training our minds to accept abundance and strength when we feel lost and frustrated is a milestone. Some people who are walking their spiritual or personal development path have experienced a second birth. In the second birth we need a lot of strength to move forward; you might need to be in bed (physically or methaphorically speaking) to get strength and recover. Being in bed gives us time to think about what we should look at in ourselves, that something we must nourish ourselves with, therefore we shall say: "I am not sick, I am recovering", this is already training the mind, this is already a different perspective. Then this recovery is more like "I am recovering. I am going back to myself, I am learning to connect with myself". So train your mind to not forget to take care of yourself or abandon yourself, therefore don’t measure your progress by factor of time, and don’t compare yourself and your progress with anyone's. This is a love's work, let love take care of you.


Things to do this week:


Remind yourself that love is taking good care of you no matter how long you have forgotten about yourself, how long have you abandoned yourself, how long you have been obsessed with anger, rush, frustration or any low energy feeling. Anybody who has met unconditional love is completely free from the illusion of reality, so cease to look for acceptance in others and focus on recovering yourself.


Try to put yourself in the shoes of the others, no matter who is right or wrong. Don’t get lost in your problems, in sickness, in time or in the bad habits, don’t lose yourself in the illusion of reality. Don’t compare yourself with others, you are never late, you have your own pace. We are recovering ourselves. Listen to the voice of your true self and ignore the voice of the ego.


Observe and reflect on your behavior: if you are looking for the approval and acceptance of others; accept and approve yourself. It is not the external that will come and save you, you are the only source of strength you need to grow, don’t waste your precious energy on looking for acceptance, nurture your own energy, when you let energy of the source feed you, you will never be tired or low.


Find the time and space to recover yourself, if you have forgotten who you are, remember where is your power, inside you. Don’t forget to train your mind, you are recovering, just go back to the light and the light will take care of you.







Adapted and edited by Holistic Self, credits by Canalizadora Tania Karam







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