How to keep a high frequency routine

February 8, 2018

Many of us who are in the search of well-being and awareness have experienced the bliss of trying out new things such as attending meditation or silence retreats, practicing new disciplines or following workshops and webinars. Then, we come back home and with the time we fear that all the bliss we once felt by these external energy sources is fading; we fear we go back into our old habits, we feel tormented by our own mind and fear we go backwards in our spiritual/personal path.


In response to this affliction, what I have learned after many of these experiences is to build up a high frequency routine that allows me to keep the pace in these challenging situations no matter how much my ego tries to convince me “I am not doing enough” I still can keep my balance and still walk slowly but surely.


First of all I learned this: nothing external (outside ourselves) such as workshops or retreats will change us unless we embrace our responsibility we have on our own path. If we believe that going workshop after workshop is going to keep us joyful, then we are bliss tourists, craving after blissfull moments. If we think that it is difficult because our partners and family are not helping us to keep a blissful state, then we are self-deceiving ourselves. So one thing to understand is that we are not transformed by the external; the transformation comes to manifestation from the inside towards the outside which means we have the power to change ourselves. The power to transform is within. Therefore, no matter how wonderful the workshop was, if I do not continue with my learnings, if I don’t make a space to practice and make an effort to include my awakening in my daily life, the high frequency will definitely decrease. Therefore, responsibility on my own well-being is priority to continue growing. That being said, we go back to building a high frequency routine.


1. Wake up: gratefulness.

Love and gratefulness are energetic fields with the highest and most subtle frequencies that attract more of the same; joy, success and abundance among others. With your eyes closed or opened while lying in bed, first thing is to say mentally or out-loud: “thank you for existence” I am alive, thank you for this cozy bed, this pillow, this shelter that is my home, thank you for the people around me, my spouse, my dog, my parents, thank you for the air I breathe, thank you that I am complete, thank anything you can think of. By doing this practice, during the day you might notice all the abundance you already have because you are grateful for everything.


2. Still in bed

Say a small prayer no matter what you believe in, the universe responds to every single frequency you emit from within your brain, heart and emotions. Asking for the awakening of others is a valuable and high frequency boost. I often ask for the children that are lost, or live in war zones, by this I become aware how lucky I am wherever I am. After, I wish these kids get the love they need so they don’t grow up as fearful and aggressive adults. I often ask for the leaders of the world to open their hearts instead of living from greed.


3. Affirmations

Saying your wishes/goals for the day or for the future are a way to keep you in a high frequency because they are positive, exciting and inspiring. I often say “I am free from…”, “I am confident” “today, I live, think and act from the center of the power of my heart”, and believe me I attract this wonderful love just by saying it. Affirmations are tools that are used in order to change the neuronal connections in your brain to create and manifest what you want in your life and to weaken the negative neuronal connections. Affirmations are used and promoted by many masters such as Deepak Chopra and Louise L. Hay. To know more, read here.


4. Surround yourself with high frequencies.

All our senses are antennas for every vibratory energy around us. Low frequency (negative) news, music, visuals, movies, food, smog and smoke for instance, resonates in our bodies and keep us disturbed and having not very nice experiences. Surround yourself with health, love and joy. Listen to beautiful and inspirational music; follow positive quotes on your Instagram or Facebook, watch feel-good movies, keep reading inspirational books, or buy a nice scent for your house. I was a person that used to watch horror movies, to the point that I realized these movies were programming fear in my psyque. Ever since I realized how good, positive and joyful can I be I have cut with all those negative expressions and welcome and nurture the positive ones.


5. Eat healthy and do some physical excersice

The intention behind this 5th point is merely to keep energy flowing in our body in order to vibrate in joy and health. The energy flows through our meridians and every single cell in our body is able to work using energy. Practicing yoga, shiat su, reiki, qi gong etc. help us distribute and send the energy to the parts of our body that need a boost of energy. I suffered so many years of bladder infections and I understood that my bladder was not receiving enough energy to perform its processes (among its holistic approach). Let's listen to our bodies and identify what are our bodies saying. Eating healthy is not only about eating local and fresh, it is also about where does our food come from, a juicy apple can seem healthy but can also be sprayed with insecticides. Choose wisely.


6.Self-love practices

Doing the 5 previous suggestions already is loving yourself. However, loving yourself must be a daily practice, a habit you must do as priority. How many times have you craved for love and affection from others? How do you want to receive love and affection from others? The answer to this question is precisely what you must give yourself. If you want appreciation, then show yourself some appreciation, if you want hugs and kisses, give yourself hugs and kisses. If you must talk to yourself in front of the mirror, do it, and say “I accept every single thing about you, I love you, I accept your past and everything was perfect”, by often doing this, self-love will grow and you attract this same love in all aspects of your life, in your job and in your relationships; that is transformation.


Sometimes it takes a big effort to start doing these practices, specially when you still not feel it deep inside you, but with time and perseverance you will notice enormous changes, make the effort and you will see the rewards are huge. I also use my talents and skills to be thankful. One of the things I enjoy the most is dancing, I perform every morning a devotion dance, dancing is one of my passions, and I show appreciation to mother earth and all the guidance I receive every day. It is actually very interesting how tribes and other cultures for centuries all around the world have used arts such as dancing to express gratefulness and prayer to the universe. Your skills and talents (painting, writting etc.) are a way to open this high frequency door.








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