Super Blue Full Moon & Fire energy | Ceremony

January 25, 2018


On wednesday January 31st 2018, there will be a Super Blue Full Moon. The moon is the closest astronomical body to Earth, and it has a profound effect on any being on earth; animals,  plants (Bio-dynamic agriculture) and on us, humans.


The energy of the moon represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives. Many cultures and people believe in following the cycles of the moon, working with this wonderful energy of nature and embracing it at each one of the moon's stages.


What is a super blue blood moon eclipse?


The supermoon is a special event with quite a few aspects. One is when the full moon is closest to the Earth, therefore it looks extremely bright and big. Secondly, It is called a blue moon because there is a full moon for a second time in the same month. Thirdly, at the same time there is a total lunar eclipse. And to make it more magical, after the eclipse, it’s also going to be a blood moon– something that occurs when blue light filters out of the atmosphere during an eclipse, making the moon appear red. All of thisat once. 


What do we get by the energy of the full moon?


At the Full Blue Moon, the energy is powerful and intense. The Full Moon gives a High ammount of amplifying power and creativity. This enables us to take action. This is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves us; or letting go of something that we no longer need in our lives or an aspect of ourselves that we have outgrown. We recieve protection (from our own created negative energies and others), space for healing, and powerful energy. 




You are welcome to join us in this ritual of alignment and release what we dont need anymore at the moon's powerful spiritual influence and special time for shift and change.


A Full Moon ceremony is a powerful way to receive power, releasing and letting go of what does not serves us anymore, feeling light and clean. It is a time to get rid of the old, celebrating your emergence by stepping out of an old way of being / an old identity / behavior / attitude / relationship / frame of mind / situation.


The ritual marks this inner transformation in a formal, ceremonial way, emphasizing to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to let go for the new you to emerge making way for new magical opportunities to come to you.


*It is possible that this day is cloudy, and that the moon is not completely visible, however,  the energy of the moon is there for us to work.


Are you interested?


Please take some time to write down on a paper the aspects of your life you want to let go in the same way, write what you do want. There are specific ways to write efficiently, please contact me if you need phrasing.


Please write an email to

or send a message to 0683066991 


It is necessary to let us know your participation. 


Monday 31st January

Contribution of €11




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