This retreat is an experience of harmony, connection, and trust with the source and with oneself. We will cleanse the body, mind, and spirit through holistic therapies, healthy eating, contact with nature, and lessons on self-exploration of the subconscious. We heal and clean the beliefs and patterns that block our energy centers.  In this way, we flow with the energy of the source.


The main objective of this workshop is to climb up a step of your evolution path, transcending the vision of yourself into your eternal potential.

At the end of this workshop you will:


  • Embark on the process of healing your relationships with your ancestors, your origins, materiality, your sexuality, your own power and love towards yourself.

  • Practice powerful techniques to heal, align your chakras and cleanse your energy field, and body in the creation of our reality.

  • Understand and direct our energy and the lessons applied to our modern life. 

  • Express, integrate and transcend patterns related to your energy centers and learn how to do it for yourself in other areas of your life

  • Empowerment, connection, and confidence in yourself.



The retreat of 7 days is divided into 3 main parts, the seed, the sprout, the blossom, a metaphor for human growth in consciousness or ascension, each section is a balanced combination of theory and practice.


  • Master lessons behind the first 3 chakras

  • The root: the masculine energy, the father, heal the line of our ancestors, the materiality, the lessons: confidence and fear, knowledge

  • The sacred: the sacred feminine energy, the female body, connect with the sacred femininity, the mother - the emotions.  guilt, shame 

  • The power: the ego, the intellect, the lessons: judgment, control, and arrogance



  • The origins; human multidimensionality, reality and the awakening of consciousness

  • Human experience - frequency, 

  • Understand the process of human experience and reality.

  • Understand the role of mind, heart, consciousness,

  • Mental patterns, emotions and physical body (dimensions of the self)

  • Society and paradigms.

  • Evolution: Expression, experience, integrity and transcendence.

  • Light and darkness of the soul


  • The heart - the 5th dimension, unconditional love, wisdom and balance

  • Holistic lifestyle practices - Good thinking, speaking and acting

  • Connect and activate your superior being and source

  • Closing



We use and learn various techniques of energy and metaphysical healing, music therapy, Andean shamanism, work with brain frequencies, exploration of the subconscious, transcendental meditations, akashic records, breathing, DNA cell reprogramming, stretching based on yoga and more. This powerful workshop covers the following aspects of existance:.


This experience is aimed at adults and young adults who wish to begin or deepen in themes of self-mastery, shamanism, dimensions and planetary reality.
Also for those who experience a limiting situation and want to break that cycle of self-sabotage. Maybe you do not know your employer, therefore this workshop can give a little light to that shadow. Or on the other hand, if you already know, this workshop will help you catalyze it. In both cases, they share the same intention: evolution.



  • A special notebook for your evolution follow-up

  • Comfortable clothes, leggings, yoga clothes, or pajamas

  • A warm blanket.

  • 1L water bottle

  • Headlight or flashlight

  • Tapete or thin mat

  • Optional -Crystals or shamanic musical instruments.




  • Transcendental meditations, yoga, breath work, and sanamúsica sessions every morning and night

  • Lectures of the master lessons behind the chakras and their healing.

  • Holistic healing therapies and self-exploration of the subconscious

  • Hiking and meditative guided walks in nature

  • Energy field cleansing

  • Accommodation

  • 3 vegetarian meals per day and drinks.

  • personal interviews with the facilitators to guide you in your personal process.





JULY 8-13

JULY 22-28


AUGUST 17-24


All retreats take place in the Valle de Hecho in la Jacetania, North Spain. Closest airports are Huesca, Zaragoza, and Pamplona. Please inform us of your arrival time to assist you with the arrival preparations.

You may arrive on Monday from 12:00 to 16:00. The retreat starts at 17:00. You may leave after our last session around 12:00 on Sunday. 




Please choose from these options:


Option 1: Early bird discount:  paying the full amount of  €600 before April 15th


Option 2: Reservation for a spot: paying  €200 before May 5th + bringing  €450 to the retreat in the date of arrival 


Option 3: Paying 50% ( €350) before June 5th, + bringing  €350 to the retreat at the date of arrival.


Please inform us of your participation and option of payment via email, Whatsapp , contact page or messenger. We will send you a registration form and deposit details to make your deposit. Spots are only confirmed by making your deposit. 








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