We believe that everything that happens in our human experience is an opportunity to develop our existence and evolve consciously,

By seeing life as a process, we know that everybody has the power to achieve this state of consciousness and that everyone can become a Buddha, (the story behind our logo)

Our work places a grain of sand to the transition into a more balanced, harmonious, and joyful way of living in this planet.




In 2016, after presenting a scientific master research on transformative travel experiences by Latin American female solo travellers, the beginning of a new stage arrived. Holistic Self was born after putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, after understanding our purpose in life and how through our talents and gifts we can serve others. After a year in the Netherlands, giving workshops and sessions, we decided to leave the commodities of the western lifestyle to follow the call of our hearts and start a journey into the unknown.



Driving through the Spanish Pyrenees we decided to take a detour that changed our lives. Meeting the right people, and trusting the timing we moved to Spain where we are continuously co-creating our own dream.

We aim to serve and be the bridge between generations with a message of freedom and truth.

About Erika

Hello dear reader, I'm Erika, welcome to this space, I hope it's of help in your very own path. I greet you from the heart inviting you to a new and at the same time ancient perspective of existence by learning how to be human. I have had the fortune to have a hard life and for that reason, it is full of blessings to transcend one's own perspectives. Just like you, I am a mixture of energies manifested in a body that decided to be born here in this time. I have had the luck to attend to personal development workshops from age 13, thanks to my mother. But it was until 2016 that I had a clear vision of my purpose in life and how everything fit together.


I lived in Mexico, Panama, Spain, Austria and Holland, and I understood that there are other perspectives on life working in changing paradigms in different spheres. Now, I am an expert in sustainability and transformation experiences. I organize and facilitate retreats, healing sessions, and lectures in different parts of the world through the Holistic Self Center project.



2004 Neurolinguistic Program level 1, 2 and 3 Mexico

2005 Learning to learn NLP - Mexico

2006 Heal your life Louise L Hay - Mexico

2007 Lic. Sustainable Tourism. - Mexico

2012 Holistic therapies - Mexico

2014 Master of Science in Transformation Experiences - University of Wageningen - Netherlands

2014 Akashic Records - Peru online

2015 UNEP 10YFP program - Sustainable Tourism - Panama

2015 Marine Litter Management expert - Panama

2016 Mindfulness and intuitive intelligence -Netherlands

2016 Tibetan Buddhist Meditation - Tergar - Germany

2017 Shamanism and sacred plants - Italy, Peru and Netherlands

2018 Holistic Self Center - coaching, sessions, and workshops - Netherlands

2019 Holistic Self center - B & B retreats, coaching, sessions, and workshops - Spain and Costa Rica



About Rob

Hello everybody, I'm Rob, I am a passionate climber, builder, planner and nature lover. Since 1992 I discovered my passion which brought me closer to the connection with nature, the mountains and to myself: rock climbing. Many people go through their journeys in different ways and I understood that my inner journey is like climbing a mountain. I learned to keep focus, that any distraction has consequences, to be responsible for myself and others, to anticipate any risks, to push myself to the top of the summit. And there at the top, its the most harmonious feeling, it is the total connection; to master yourself through fear.

Nature is a powerful teacher to learn about yourself. I´ve been living and traveling in several parts of the world such as Georgia, Mexico, Austria, South America and Spain, which helped me increase my concern and attention to taking care of nature.

At Holistic Self I plan and organize retreats and activities in nature. I facilitate walks through the mountains and share with you my journey. 



1998 Scout Leader - the Netherlands

2000 Summer camp organizer - France

2003 CIOS Sports instructor - Outdoor

2007 XIOS physical education teacher - Belgium

2010 Snowboard instructor

2012 Rappel guide and kayak staff - Mexico 

2017 Shamanism and sacred plants - Italy, Peru, and Holland

2019 Holistic Self center co-owner - B & B retreats, coaching, sessions, and workshops - Spain.







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